Services for Advertisers


Golfmax Where2Play pages are viewed by thousands of golfers every day. Golfers arrive at Where2Play pages from search engines, other Golfmax sites, and from partner sites such as The Weather Network's Golf Report. Approximately 1.5 million references for golf course information are occurring annually.

Where2Play is an excellent and cost-effective location for targeted ad placement. Four options for ad campaigns are available.

Text Ads: Immediately post a text ad on one or more Where2Play regional pages.

Box Ads: Immediately post a graphic ad on one or more Where2Play regional pages.

Sponsorship: Place an ad on golf course brochures.

Google Ads: Include Where2Play in your Google Adwords campaigns.

If you would like advice or assistance in defining your campaign, Call 1-866-GOLFMAX (465-3629) or send us an email.