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Pure Golf Gift Certificates make it easy for non-golfers to buy golf as a gift. The recipient, not the gift giver, chooses the golf course where the certificate will be redeemed.

Make your course
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The Product

Pure Golf Gift Certificates are generic green fee gift certificates sold online through the Golfmax Network of websites.

They can be purchased 24/7 by anyone looking to give a gift to a golfer.

They can be spent at any golf course that has agreed to participate in the Pure Golf gift certificate program.

How Pure Golf Certificates are Sold

Certificates can be bought online at any time of the day all year round.

The purchaser can set the value of the certificate starting at a minimum of $25.

The purchaser can insert a special occasion or appreciation message.

After payment, the certificate is immediately sent to the purchaser and can be printed or sent to a recipient by email.

To see the websites where Pure Golf Gift Certificates are sold visit:
American $ Certificates | Canadian $ Certificates

How Pure Golf Certificates are Marketed

Pure Golf Gift Certificates are promoted as "what golfers really want".

They are marketed through search engine queries, sponsored ads, and ads placed on high traffic websites.

To see an overview of marketing initiatives, including downloadable promotional materials available to participating golf courses, visit: Pure Golf Marketing

How Pure Golf Certificates are Redeemed

A certificate can be redeemed at any participating golf course.

It can be used once only as a contribution toward the payment of green fees.

Certificates are clearly sold and marked as not exhangeable for cash.

Validation is done quickly online by typing in a unique code displayed prominently on the certificate.

Following validation the value of the certificate is immediately credited to the golf course.

To see how certificates are validated and redeemed at a golf course, visit: Certificate Redemption

How Participating Golf Courses are Paid

A real time payment tracking report is available to participating golf courses. A credit record, including the value of the certificate and the certificate code, is created immediately following redemption. Payments for accumulated credits are processed on request.

Fees and Obligations

There are no up front setup fees or credit card discount fees charged to golf course participants. A small marketing service fee is charged against actual credits earned.

There are no long term obligations or opt-out fees associated with particiation in the Pure Golf Certificate program. Participation can be discontinued immediately at anytime.


Any golf course that has internet connection at the point of sale is welcome to be a participating golf course.

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