Services for Suppliers


Golf industry suppliers operate in a very competitive world and must make significant effort to be known. Millions of dollars are spent each year on marketing - at regional tradeshows, on advertising of all types, and by paying commission to sales agents.

In recent years, suppliers have also turned their attention to web marketing - many have built fabulous, information rich websites.

The idea behind the Golfmax Tradeshow is a simple one - a website that can be easily found and navigated by buyers of golf products and services leading them to information about the suppliers they are looking for.

If your business or organization is involved in any way in the business of golf, we are happy to provide you a free listing on the Golfmax Tradeshow. Click the Free Tradeshow Listing link above for more information.

We will soon be providing a service that will allow suppliers to enhance their listing and take interactive control of the content.

To visit the Tradeshow, click here.