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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Immediately after your purchase, you will receive a receipt by email. You will also receive an email containing a link to each certificate you purchased. Print the certificate or send it by email to your recipient.

When and where can a certificate be used?
Certificates can be used immediately. The list of golf courses that currently accept Pure Golf Gift Certificates is viewable by clicking Participating Courses. The link where your recipient can view the participating course list is printed on each certificate.

Are there any limits on what the certificates can be used for?
All participating golf courses will accept Pure Golf certificates for the payment of green fees. Certificates may be accepted for the payment of other items at the discretion of the individual golf course.

Do the certificates expire?
The certificates do not expire. The list of participating golf courses may, however, change over time.

Can value be retained on the certificate?
A certificate can only be used once in relation to a single payment on behalf of one or more golfers. Value cannot be retained on a certificate. A golf course will not exchange the certificate for cash in whole or in part.

How secure are my payments?
Pure Golf Certificates are sold online using the services of Internet Secure - the ultimate in online payment security.

How secure are the certificates?
When a certificate is presented at a golf course, the code on the certificate will be validated. Once the certificate has been used, the code is immediately deactivated and cannot be used again.

Is there a service phone number?
Yes. If you have a problem of any kind call 1-866-GOLFMAX.


The Pure Golf Gift Certificate program is administered by Golfmax Inc., a private company owned by golf course owners and investors.

Golfmax Inc. has been providing web services to golfers and golf courses since 1996.

The Pure Golf Gift Certificate program has been designed in consultation with golf course owners. It is intended to make the gifting of golf more convenient and marketable to consumers through a generic gift product.

Any golf course is welcome to participate. For more information about Golfmax Inc. and participation in the Pure Golf Certificate program visit www.golfmax.com.